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Can I tell you something? The day I found out my son Ray was born completely deaf ~ no hearing what-so-ever…zilch ~ I was heartbroken, confused and had never felt lonelier. 

I seriously thought I’d never accept it or be able to get over the shock. It was big. 

Ray Graham - born deaf and thriving - Spirit Fingers AU

The things that helped heal me were; 

Time - the shock faded and things just naturally changed lanes like a map rerouting. 

Ray - watching him grow up and develop beautifully unaware that there were any hiccups at all. 

And Help - from the many support services we used that introduced us to people in our shoes and showed us that really there were no barriers at all. 

Fast forward to today and we’re all happy and thriving, and becoming a bilingual family by learning Auslan 🤟

Have you noticed that often the support services for the people who need it most are funded the least? We wanted to make sure that from day one Spirit Fingers brings the good times AND gives back. So with every pack bought you’ll automatically donate to the Pops With Purpose Fund and directly make a difference. 

Thank you so much!
Kristy, Spirit Fingers CoFounder. 


We give a % of our profits each year to these causes and provide regular updates here so you can see what your money is doing.

Initiatives we partner with; 

Deaf Connect - spirit fingersEndeavour Foundation - Spirit FingersNext Sense - Spirit Fingers
p/s we're very happy to consider new partners too. Please get in touch with suggestions at spiritfingers@protonmail.com. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Zoi Kotaidis

Brought these along to a get together with friends, they were a delicious hit! Great flavours!

The dream treat!

So much love for spirit fingers!! It’s one of those ideas you swear you’d thought of and someone should make a business around - et voila! My dreams come true. They’re tasty AF and their marketing is also super cute.

Perfect pool party treat

Yum! Ordered some of these bad boys for a pool party I was attending.. suffice to say they were a sure hit. Quick to freeze and a great variety of delicious flavours, the only issue was they ran out too quick as everyone wanted to try them all :)

Meagan Biacsi
Tasty treats!

I ordered a mixed pack of all three flavours and am so glad I did! I love each of them for different reasons. Spirit fingers are the perfect post-dinner treat and are thoroughly refreshing.

Sasha Reid
This was perfect for summer

I'm in disbelief that this exists, it's so good. My girlfriend and I have loved finishing work to a spirit finger instead of a wine and it's been the perfect way to finish the day. Highly recommended.