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Busta Rhymes - Thank you - Spirit Fingers hard icy pops

Businesses like us grow because of excellent people like you. 

Be part of the party and let's keep Australia's pool-sides and DFloors as cold as ice ❄️

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Zoi Kotaidis

Brought these along to a get together with friends, they were a delicious hit! Great flavours!

The dream treat!

So much love for spirit fingers!! It’s one of those ideas you swear you’d thought of and someone should make a business around - et voila! My dreams come true. They’re tasty AF and their marketing is also super cute.

Perfect pool party treat

Yum! Ordered some of these bad boys for a pool party I was attending.. suffice to say they were a sure hit. Quick to freeze and a great variety of delicious flavours, the only issue was they ran out too quick as everyone wanted to try them all :)

Meagan Biacsi
Tasty treats!

I ordered a mixed pack of all three flavours and am so glad I did! I love each of them for different reasons. Spirit fingers are the perfect post-dinner treat and are thoroughly refreshing.

Sasha Reid
This was perfect for summer

I'm in disbelief that this exists, it's so good. My girlfriend and I have loved finishing work to a spirit finger instead of a wine and it's been the perfect way to finish the day. Highly recommended.